Black 13

black 13 hot sauce

Rum soaked, Black 13, is a mixture of cherries, pears, Birdseye chilies, and Scotch bonnets come together for a sweet and fiery sauce.

Low hazard flag

Low Hazard

Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, pears (pears, water, sugar, citric acid), brown sugar (cane sugar and molasses), yellow scorpion pepper mash (Scotch bonnet peppers and vinegar), sweet cherries, dried cherries, dark cherry concentrate, lemon juice, Peri Peri peppers, Sherry, vinegar, Jamaican dark rum, coriander, pectin, juniper berries, ground sumac.

$11.00 per bottle, minimum of four bottles. ($16.00 flat rate shipping)

Please call Momma Jane for larger orders, or to mix and match your flavors, at (386) 546-3799

Net contents 5 fl. oz (148 ml)

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